Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    After church today, I hauled in the first piece of glass, it's a blue/green mix for the first border. I cut it into two inch strips,  and laid them out. Then I went to the next color, which is for a narrow yellow border. I kept getting a bad break, until I realized it wasn't the glass, it was my cutter. It's the same blade in the cutter that I have used for eight years, and it's finally done.
    I was pretty sure I had purchased a replacement some time ago, so I started going through the drawers. I'm pretty sure every house has one of those junk drawers where every little knickknack and extra thumbtack is placed.  I happen to have several of those drawers. The replacement cutter isn't in any of them...or the cabinet...or the storage bins.
    I'm frustrated. I am all ready to go, just want to cut glass, and I'm stuck without a cutter until I can get to my friendly glass shop.  That may be several days.

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