Monday, January 13, 2014

Saved By The Belle

     I thought I was going to be a week without a cutter, when Debbie, my favorite glass lady, said she had an extra and would meet me halfway between her place and mine. Get in the truck! First thing this morning, we drove over and picked it up. As soon as I got home with it I was setting up shop. Thank goodness for helpful people!
    I decided to change out the grinder bit on my glass grinder before I got too far into the day. The old bit was locked down tight and wouldn't budge. Really? All I want to do is CUT SOME GLASS! Ed finally was able to knock it free. We got the new bit on and now I can cut glass. Yay!
 By the end of the day I had the border on the first panel finished. Geometric shapes are not my strong point, but everything looks like it's hitting square.
     The border design is an echo of the existing window in the front of the church. Finding glass that was an exact match would have been an impossible task, so I went for similar colors, or complementary colors.
    The existing windows have painted roundels in the "sky" arches. I found some really pretty clear roundels with a molded swirl and will be using those.
   One of the fun parts of glass is that the "right" side of the glass is down, and shows colors different than the "wrong" side of the glass which is visible here. There is always that moment of anticipation when the panel is finally soldered, is held up to the light and comes alive for the first time. Until then, I'll just have to look at the back.
    All of the border for this first panel is cut. Tomorrow I'll start on the white glass for the dove.

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