Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get In The Truck Scout

   Last January we received a Duluth Trading Company catalog in the mail. I was glass-struck (which is like dumbstruck but different) with the cover. What a happy dog. Wouldn't he look great in glass?
  So I did a little digging and found the artist. Rick Kollath was very gracious in giving me permission to recreate "Scout" in glass. I saved the email and got distracted by our construction project.
   Now that the house is done and we're in, I finally had time to get back into glass projects. The transom was the first priority, while "Scout" waited patiently.

   Really, once I started, it didn't take long. And sometimes the piece looks better and more clearly defined before it's foiled and soldered. But then it wouldn't hang in a window that way, would it? I'll get a frame built for it to set it off.
   This is one of those things that called to me to be made. I don't have a place for it, nor do I have a yellow labrador.  Hopefully I'll find a good home for "Scout".