Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Little Side Trip On The Glass Road

  My granddaughter and I took a trip up to the Tacoma Museum of Glass. This is a museum that highlights hot glass. They have a huge hot shop with a gallery. The gallery affords a close up view of the entire process.


 It was difficult to get clear photos because the crew
and the glass were in constant motion.
   This piece was designed by Marvin Oliver, right in blue print shirt, and facilitated by Richard Royal, left in plaid shirt. They had a crew of about five assistants, all working like crazy.

   This is a similar piece by Marvin Oliver. It shows the petroglyphs applied in frit in the inside layer of glass, and raven appliqu├ęs on the outside layer of glass. It was an amazing process.   


 From the inside to the outside of the museum, we went across the David Chihuly Bridge of Glass.


A picture is worth..well you know..


 This is the ceiling. No, really...


 The open air atrium at the Tacoma Art Museum allows shadow to constantly alter this Chihuly piece.

   It is my fondest hope that Elicia saw something, anything, on this trip that sparked an urge to explore.  That she will allow the beauty in her soul to flourish and flow.
   Or, maybe she just had a fun trip with Nana. That's ok too.