Monday, May 24, 2010

What A Day For A Daydream

   Construction on our house is in full swing, and I am only now unpacking my glass supplies. They've been in the loft of the barn since September and today I carried them all to their temporary home. Up the stairs to the loft (was that a chest pain or a gas bubble?) Down the stairs (did I do 8 steps or nine..yet) Back up the stairs. Down the stairs again. Load up the Gator with glass separated by cardboard. Drive over the dirt road filled with broken cinder blocks verry verrrry slowly. Carry the glass inside without bumping into any of the construction debris. Back down to the barn. Repeat.
     This winter, Ed temped in a craft room in the garage. Since we're living in close quarters while the house is being built, it doubles as some extra space when family comes to visit. The cats think it's for them, and why crush their delusion?
   Ed took a few hours yesterday and built shelves for the glass. They may not be pretty, but they are strong, functional, and temporary. Once the house is finished, I'll have the Taj Mahal of craft rooms!
   Now my fingers are starting to itch. The glass whispers to me, and I'm daydreaming about patterns. In no time, I'll be immersed in a project. I can hardly wait.