Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sidebar or Geode, That Rocks

   I've been working on a commissioned sidelight. The client wanted organic shapes and colors, so I thought of geodes. I think of them as nature's stained glass.  I presented a design that was accepted and off I went.

The design incorporated lots of glass globs, suggesting water and bubbles. The ribbons of amber tied the piece together. The geodes? Well, they speak for themselves.
     Usually when I start a project I work right through it. For some reason I found myself working a day, then backing off, then putting a few hours in, then walking away. I'm not sure what that was about because I was really enthusiastic about the design.
      Finally I managed to finish. Due to some scheduling problems, it won't be installed for several weeks, but the client is happy, and so am I.