Monday, January 11, 2016

It Just Needs A Bit of Catch-Up

   It seems that mini-stories on Facebook have superseded blogging lately. Let's remedy that right now!
  This last summer, flowers were the theme. Both were commission pieces, which is always a plus. But the pleasure isn't at the cash register, it's in the making of the piece. As is often the case, the design's subject matter had special meaning for the new owner. One was for a woman who had spent several years living in Holland. The other piece was for a woman's mother who loved irises.

            Then, at a yard sale, I found a lovely cake plate. Cake plates are generally flat, and this one had little tiny button feet. Perfect, I thought for a glass panel. I entered it at our local county fair, and won a ribbon! 
This week I finally finished a panel for my niece. She wanted a panel that represented hope and renewal. To me, that meant springtime blossoms. I used a dremel engraver to script a portion of Psalm 51.