Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hot Stuff And Angry Birds

     Aimee's Raven Steals The Sun is all done and ready for framing. I like the movement in the red baroque glass in contrast with the gray seeded glass I used for the raven. Lots of texture and movement going on here.


  Another bird is on the wire now. This one is a remake of an Angry Bluebird I made for my daughter, Ellen, when I first started making stained glass panels. It met with a terrible accident.
     I have the pattern drawn and squared up on the work board, using this grumpy guy as my base. Tomorrow I'll start selecting glass.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Raven Steals The Sun again

     When I began with stained glass, one of the first panels I made was Raven Steals The Sun, which is a Pacific Northwest Native People's story, which can be read at length here . The first panel I made was very linear and rigid. My daughter requested a panel with the same theme. Since her birthday is a few months away, I got started. This one is more fluid, and has more movement. I have all the pieces cut out and it's ready for foil.
    Ravens, of course, are black, and black glass doesn't allow any transmission of light. Here I used a seeded and textured gray to imply black.