Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mt St Helens From The Columbia River

I finished soldering the Mt St Helens piece and my soldering is getting a little better. I'm thinking that my Weller 80 just isn't what I need, and may splurge for a Hakko 456 soldering iron. Also my temperature regulator is inadequate, but Anne, a glasser in Canada, had one she wasn't using and has very kindly sent it to me. Thank you, Anne!
I want to put this one in a frame and take it down to the gallery. Ed is swamped with things to do, and I hate asking him to stop and make me another frame! I tried to learn how to make them myself, but it was pathetic.
I also just finished a new pattern of a schooner backlit by a big moon, but I don't know when I'll be able to start it. Things are really starting to move with the house construction ( and I don't know how much glassing time I'll be able to get in the next few months. First things first, and we need to get the studio over the garage done before next fall.

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