Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All Hands On Deck

Ed made a great frame for the Mt St Helens piece. It is rough cedar and fits the outdoor scene perfectly. I'll be taking this piece down to the store this afternoon.

Anne, glass artist in Canada and a very generous lady, sent me her spare controller for my soldering iron, among other things. I will be going up to Inspirations Glass in Chinook later this week to buy a new Hakko soldering iron. Between the new iron and the new controller, I'm hoping to see further improvement in my soldering. The soldering in this piece is much improved over prior projects, but I still need to work on that particular skill.

The next piece will be Schooner Moon. I drew this one out after seeing a beautiful sailboat down on the river. I should inventory my glass before I drive over to Chinook....
Glassing will have to take a back seat shortly. Summer means all hands on deck for construction. My granddaughter is coming for the summer. I wonder if she's old enough to run a nailing gun. Actually, I'd like to take my glass scraps, run them through a rock tumbler (have to get one) and we can make mosaics together. We'll see..

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