Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sky Pilot

I'm taking a soldering class this Saturday. Soldering is my weakest point, so hopefully I will improve. We needed to have a project foiled and ready to go for the class, so I decided to make a pattern using took a photo I had recently taken of Mt St Helens. This photo is from the Columbia River, about 15 miles west of Longview. On a very very clear day, you can see Mt Hood behind it as well.

I used my Rapid Resizer program to print out a picture about 20x12 then drew out a pattern, but two things just didn't sit right. #1 is the pattern of the water. Too many pieces, so I squiggled (is that a word?) some of them out. #2 is the sky...there just isn't a good way to do sky that looks natural. Sky has no dividing lines. I finally went with adding some clouds, although I'm not much happier with that than I am the original plan.

Tonight and tomorrow I'll get it foiled, then take it to the soldering class on Saturday.

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