Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Happy Easter Circumstance

   It was not an event of deliberate timing as much as happy circumstance that I began laying out the pattern for the Risen Cross panels on Easter afternoon.

     The concept drawing is a little weak, both in color and detail. At first I wanted to stick to stark desert background, heavy on browns and ambers. I wanted a beautiful sunrise behind the brown hills. But it was too barren. It needed hope. So I decided to lighten up the hills with greener glass, and create a forefront with lilies in bloom.

   The challenge is to figure out which color to put where. I write down what I think will work, then I change my mind at least three times.

   I found some lily pictures that I liked and started tracing. I think it will greatly enhance the finished design.

     Then I printed out the pattern to finished size, traced the first panel, which will be the open tomb,  and placed it in the blocking square. Then I made some modifications to the hills
and sky.
   Tomorrow, the schedule is already full, but Tuesday I can start cutting glass.

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