Friday, February 7, 2014

Strong Line

    I thought I'd show how the Strong Line works. The first thing I do is put protection, in the form of Band Aids, on the ends of my fingers. The snipped ends of the Strong Line are really sharp. I'm also learning how to play the Celtic harp, and lacerated fingertips don't work well. Talk about two hobbies in conflict with each other!


    Strong Line is very narrow copper coated steel, .020x.103., Inserted in the lead (or zinc) channel, or between pieces of glass,it adds strength to the panel. It flexes on the flat side, and is rigid on the narrow side.


 I leave room between the cut pieces, to accommodate the Strong Line. I cram it into every available place, paying special attention to the vertical runs. My first panel  has more flex than I'm comfortable with, although once it is installed it will be fine. I'm hoping that this one is sufficiently rigid.
    After inserting what seemed like miles of wire, I soldered one side of the second panel. Today, I'll frame it with zinc came, turn it over and solder the other side.

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