Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Center Panel Ready For Solder

    After seven hours of foiling and two-plus rolls of copper foil tape, the center panel is all foiled. If you've not seen this done, each piece of cut glass is edge-wrapped with copper foil tape which is sticky on one side and shiny copper on the other. A product called Strong Line, which is a stiff copper reinforcement is threaded through the seams where possible. The seams are given a light coat of flux, then lead is soldered to the copper.

    I use a small table foiler which helps me place the foil tape properly on the glass. I used to do it by hand but the copper foil is like little razor blades and shreds the fingertips. I still hand-foil tiny pieces, but the table foiler is a great time say nothing of finger-saver!

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