Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Glass Addiction

  I thought I could put the glass away for the winter, especially after finishing the huge project for the church. That lasted about a month, and I found myself hauling it all out again.
   Last year I bought a metal cutout of an Egan dital harp, with the intent of including it into a stained glass piece. Since my design process is a little regimented, I tried for a looser feel for this piece. I don't know that I nailed it, but it was a fun piece to make.

    Just as I began working on the church windows last year, a woman in Seattle contacted me about making a panel for a bathroom in their Bed and Breakfast. I had to ask her to wait since I was committed to the church project. I just finished the panel Molly's Iris, last week. The colors are subtle in ambient light, but absolutely glow with direct light.

   Next....something inspired by my granddaughter Serena's artwork. Stay tuned.

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