Thursday, March 20, 2014

Leaf It To Me

     A few of the pieces today were pretty tricky. Inside arcs are the most difficult because glass doesn't want to break that way. It wants to go straight or in a slow outside curve. You have to trick the glass by making many tiny cuts in very small arcs to finally get to that tight cut. Think layers of onions...sort of. The template for the piece of glass is cut out of contact paper, then stuck to the back of the glass. I cut the glass into the arcs as closely as I dared, then used the grinder to finesse the rest. All of the background glass is now done for this panel.

   I  was hoping to get all of the leaves and grapes done today too, but it didn't happen. Those grapes take a long time! For whatever reason the leaves are much faster. Things keep happening. The cat needs in. The dog wants out. Run into town for fill-in-the-blank.

   Tomorrow the goal is to finish cutting the glass and start foiling. But who knows? Ed was working outside and just came in with a wrenched knee. Time for ice.

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