Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mother S'kaana

    The Friends of Skamokawa have a wine tasting and auction every September. They maintain the Riverlife Interpretive Center . It's a spirited (sorry about the pun) event each year.
   The last several years I've donated stained glass and decided to try something new this year. I've been playing around with polymer clay, which is like playdough only more permanent.
    I wanted something to reflect the Northwest but with a shift. The first piece started out well, but began to lose definition as it progressed, and by the time it was done it resembled a badly done kindergarten project. I did like the little tiny whale embryo piece in her belly, but the rest looked like a bad night in San Francisco.

  So I started over, decided to tone it down a little and make it more three dimensional. Finally, after one or two false starts, I had my piece. I incorporated some glass waves, just because it felt right, and mounted it in a beautiful driftwood burl.

Mother S'kaana in the Northwest Tradition

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