Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caduceus In Burl

I'm still in the process of packing up the house, entertaining my granddaughter, weeding the garden, dismantling the deck around the house for the construction project, and various sundry chores and projects.

In the meantime I needed to do a "Glass Challenge" project for a glass gift exchange. It needed to be about 8", 15 pieces, and mailed to the recipient by mid-August. I had limited information about the recipient other than their occupation was in nursing, and they just painted their house green.
So I decided to make a caduceus and mount it on a piece of alder. I used some ripped out electrical wire from the construction project,twisted it with the screwgun, then mounted a glass glob in the top loop. I then drilled a hole in the burl and it's done!
Same problem seems like I've stalled out on the soldering skills. Had I been able to set the piece in hobby came around the edge, I would have been much happier. But I have only tried to do that once time before and didn't seem to get the knack of it.
I'm also working on a two panel project that I will start posting soon.

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