Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Raven Has Hatched

The train to Arkansas took off yesterday in the mail. My brother should get it just in time for his birthday.
Since the snow is still everywhere, the kids are gone, and Ed won't be home until tonight, I started the Raven Steals The Sun. The pattern was already set on the board and traced on the fasson paper, so I started cutting glass yesterday. Six hours yesterday and five hours eyes are a little buggy, and my hip is barking at me, but I'm really happy with the results so far. The center of the sun and the inside of the raven's beak is a deep garnet red..almost a black. I'm going to use a hematite bead for his eye. Most of the colors don't show true when the piece is flat..those that look kind of orange will be much brighter red with the sun through them.
This of course, is prior to foiling. I should get that done by Monday, and soldered on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to putting it in the light. The raven will be more transparent, and the seeded streaky Weissmach should be spectacular. I'm hoping the garnet will make his beak look like it's glowing with the heat of the sun.
This piece will probably be my first consignment piece to go in the local craft store, Made In Wahkiakum, I'll probably take in the MacKintosh Roses, and an abstract piece with a geode in the center.

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